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Let's make travel as comfortable as possible by adding in a little self-care. I am yet to come across someone who loves a long-haul flight! Sitting in a cramped airplane seat for hours upon hours in dehydrating air conditioning is not the most pleasant experience, but definitely a means to an incredible holiday filled with great memories and experiences.

I have a long-haul flight coming up later this month and plan on doing what I can to make it as pleasant as possible. If you haven't seen the main blog post "Self-care and Travel" with ideas to help make travel more comfortable, take a look at that before you continue with this one :)

Now, let's get into some simple DIYs to help take care of your skin, hair and well-being on your next trip.



I'm sure you are aware of how dry the air can be on planes. It sucks the moisture from our skin and can leave it looking and feeling dull and lifeless. We may feel those things, but there are ways to at least help prevent us from looking like we feel! The main goal is to feel clean and fresh, while also not taking up lots of space in your carry-on with multiple products.



1. Hydrating facial mist - this has a dual purpose. Firstly, it obviously helps to add moisture back into the skin and keep it there, but if you choose one with other botanical ingredients with a pleasant smell you get the secondary bonus of stimulating your sense of smell to aid in relaxation and boosting your mood.

Hydrating facial mist

2. DIY facial wipes - perhaps one of the most beneficial items to have with you to feel fresh and clean are face wipes. Yes, you can buy disposable ones, but these are often not biodegradable and contain harmful ingredients that can further dry out your skin. You can make your own simple wipes that can be used to remove makeup and cleanse the skin on the face and other parts of your body.

DIY facial wipes

For more details on this DIY, take a look at the detailed blog post here

3. DIY Dry Shampoo - dry shampoo is your best friend when travelling! Opt for a powdered dry shampoo since aerosols are a "no, no" on a plane. It is super easy to make your own to suit your hair colour and will last forever! I'm still using some I made several years ago! Put some in a small shaker bottle and pop in your carry-on on to refresh your hair after a long flight. There is something about the dehydrating air on a plane that can cause the scalp to overproduce oil to compensate, leaving your hair feeling greasy even if you have just washed it the same day.

DIY dry shampoo

For more details on this DIY, take a look at the detailed blog post here


There you have it! Three super easy DIY recipes to help include some self-care on long travel days and boost your mood. Let me know if you give these ago or if you have some great travel tips you can share.

Happy travels,

Mandi x


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Hi, I'm Mandi. A former primary teacher, Lifestyle Medicine graduate and current Diploma in Natural Skincare student with a passion for natural living.

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