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Here at Mandi Makes, we believe self-care is for everyone. That's why we have developed the 'HANDSOME' range. There is a lot of focus on women in the realm of self-care and we want to get the word out that SELF-CARE is for all. This range is currently designed to encourage the bearded to prioritise some time for themselves. Take care of those luscious beards whilst taking a little extra breather in your morning or evening. It's the simple things that can really help boost your mood.



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Whether you are rocking a 90's soul patch, a full bandholz, or for some strange reason the toothbrush (no judgement here of course), I'm sure you can agree that facial hair, whilst it has some biological purpose, it is mostly a manly statement of your personality and creativity. Scientifically speaking, there are two main explanations for the purpose of it: sexual attraction and intimidation of rivals. I mean, think about the animal kingdom and the males with exaggerated facial hair, such as a lion with a luscious mane!


Beard hair is by nature rather course. It is around twice as thick as the hair on your head making those strong whiskers feel rather rough and providing a rather intense exfoliation for your significant other! It is also important to consider how to properly take care of skin underneath facial hair. Men tend to loose more moisture from their skin compared to women, and male facial skin is often quite sensitive and highly responsive to how it is treated, both positively and negatively. Therefore, it is important to be taking care of it in the right way.

So where do you start?

Follow our simple two-step guide below to live your best bearded life.

Beard care guide

1 / Cleanse

Beard hair can be a breeding ground for all sorts of fun stuff if not cleaned properly just like you would shampoo your hair. You can use a gentle facial cleanser, or a proper beard shampoo. Do not use hair shampoo as it is not designed for use on the face and can cause both the skin and facial hair to dry out due to its different structure to the hair on your head. Nobody want's beardruff! There are a number of great options out there that you can find with a simple Google search. One day we might have our own...

2 / Oil (lock in moisture)

It is really important to lock moisture into your beard as well as your skin to help soften the hair and prevent beardruff. The other benefit of using a beard oil is that it acts as a cologne as well.

After washing your beard, gently towel dry before applying your favourite beard oil (Mandi Makes beard oil of course!), ensuring that you massage into the skin as well.

Why choose 'HANDSOME by Mandi Makes' beard oil?


We source all our ingredients locally and as sustainably as possible, whilst also ensuring they are all of the highest quality.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba helps to dissolve and free up blockages in hair follicles to promote growth whilst also moisturising and and preventing breakages.


Coconut Oil

This hero ingredient is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory helping to not only moisturise but keep nasties away. It helps to soothe irritated skin and encourages a longer, thicker beard with shine.


Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is packed full of helpful vitamins, proteins and minerals, including keratin which our hair is made out of, as well as fatty acids to lock in moisture. It also reduces any inflammation and reduces acne.

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Moringa Oil

A lesser known oil that is the secret ingredient you never knew your beard needed! It is one of the most nutrient packed oils containing a natural cleansing property, and oleic acid which helps fight signs of ageing and provides a natural protective barrier from environment pollutants.

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