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Handsome by Mandi Makes

Self-care for men

One in seven Australian men experience anxiety and/or depression, which is equivalent to around 1.93 million males. (Source: Beyond Blue)

Scratch the myths: self-care is not just for women, it also is not about skincare. It's about including sustainable regular practices to help reduce stress levels and improve your levels of happiness and productivity. One way we can do that is through taking time each day during routine tasks to do a little something extra that either brings you joy or simply reminds you that you are important.

Our products

One tangible way we here at 'Mandi Makes' feel we can contribute to helping you on your journey towards incorporating some self-care in your daily activities, is through everyday opportunities.


Whilst it may seem frivolous and perhaps even vain to some to spend money on skincare products in order to improve your overall sense of wellbeing, we all have some type of getting ready routine in morning and going to bed routine at night. Why not add one small thing to that routine to remind you in the morning that you are handsome, you have value and you smell good. Then, and night, do one extra thing that prompts you to remember you did your best today and whatever happened, you are still handsome, you still have value and you still smell good ;) By incorporating something small, quick and simple into our everyday routines, it doesn't feel like "yet another thing" to remember to do or have on your to-do list. Self-care should not feel like a chore or a burden.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

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