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DIY make-up remover wipes

Make-up remover wipes are so convenient to have! But, did you know that they can take up to 100 years to degrade!!! Unfortunately, all the packaging, ingredients, and the wipe themselves left a nasty footprint on our environment.

Never fair, there is a super easy and more sustainable way you can still get the same convenience. Only a few simple ingredients and 5 minutes are needed, and you can easily customise this to suit the needs of your skin year round.


In this blog you will find:

1. Ingredient information and benefits

2. The recipe

3. Link to my YouTube video tutorial


1. Ingredient information and benefits


Not a glamorous sounding ingredient, but it packs a mighty punch in the moisturising department. It helps to keep skin moist and hydrated by slowing down the evaporation of water. But that's not all! Here are its other benefits:

  • This moisture barrier also provides protection against environment pollutants from entering pores

  • Not only provides moistures, but helps to strengthens the skins natural ability to retain moisture

  • Softens skin

  • Helps skin to look younger

  • Aids in the resiliency of skin

  • Transports hydration to the upper layers of skin

  • Non-allergenic

  • Can be used on all skin types

  • Helps to heal eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues

  • Treats acne and its scaring

There are three types of glycerine on the market, plant-derived, animal-derived and synthetic. We definitely want to go for the plant-derived version.



Vitamin E oil is very popular in skincare, and for good reason! This oil is renowned for its anti-aging properties, but also boasts many more beneficial properties for the skin.

It is recommended that this oil be used when mixed with other ingredients, and is generally not the best option if you have supersensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin.

Here are the key benefits of using this oil topically:

· helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

· can block free radicals (free radicals have been linked to premature aging)

· replenish lipids

· anti-inflammatory

· hydrating

· can reduce effects of psoriasis

Skin is more than just what we put on the surface. So, to get even more Vitamin E and nourish your body from the inside out, try adding the following foods into your diet:

olive oil

sweet potatoes





This is such a great product to have on hand for multiple purposes such as DIY hand wash and DIY dishwashing liquid.

Castile soap is derived from vegetables, and is natural and non-toxic. It has been used in the

Mediterranean for ever and is traditionally made from olive oil in the Spanish Castile region (hence its name). Nowadays, coconut, hemp, castor, almond, walnut and avocado oils can be used to produce Castile soap through a process called saponification. These oils give it its lathering properties.

Why should it be included in makeup-remover wipes? Well, simple really, it's the main ingredient that does the cleaning :) Aside from that, it does have some properties that make it beneficial, gentle, and safe to use on all skin types:

  • naturally hydrating

  • helps to ease eczema and psoriasis

  • doesn't clog pores

  • provides a balanced pH level for all skin types

  • removes dirt

  • antibacterial

Castile soap can be found as both a liquid and a solid bar. As with any ingredient you use, it is important to ensure you are using something that is pure and of good quality.



Perhaps one of the best all-rounders when it comes to beauty, and definitely a favourite ingredient of mine to use in DIY products.

It contains nourishing fatty acids and provides so many benefits. But, how do you know what coconut oil is the safest, healthiest, and most beneficial to get? There are three key words to look for:



certified organic

Coconut oil can be used on its own as a make-up remover (it is amazing at getting rid of waterproof mascara), hair oil, face and body moisturiser, and to get rid of toxins when used for oil pulling.

Why is it so good?

It’s moisturising

Contains lauric acid which has antibacterial properties

It contains anti-inflammatory properties

It is antimicrobial (fights fungus e.g. yeast infection, eczema, or ringworm)

Contains linoleic acid (vitamin F) which helps retain moisture

Increases collagen production, thanks to the lauric acid

Can lighten dark patches

Things to consider:

Coconut oil is not necessarily the best oil to use on oily and acne-prone skin. See recommended oils for different skin types (pg...)

If you have a compromised immune system and/or have been on antibiotics, it is also not recommended that you use coconut oil.

It can be known to clog pores for some people and actually cause acne and blackheads.




1/2 teaspoon glycerine

1/2 teaspoon natural vitamin E oil (you can omit if you have oily or acne-prone skin)

1 tablespoon organic castile liquid soap

3 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil

2 cups distilled water (important to extend shelf life of product)

10 drops lavender essential oil (leave out, or substitute with an essential oil of your choice)

Reusable/disposable cotton pads


· Add the glycerine, castile liquid soap, fractionated coconut oil, distilled water and vitamin E oil to a glass mixing bowl. Stir to combine well.

· Then add the lavender essential oil, or other essential oil of choice, to the mixture. Mix well.

· Stack half a wide glass jar with cotton pads.

· Pour the mixture over the cotton pads that are in the glass jar until extra liquid starts sitting at the bottom of the jar.

• Add more cotton pads, and do the same.

• If using disposable cotton pads, you don't want there to be too much liquid sitting in the bottom of the jar. That may mean the cotton pads are too wet and may be break apart whten you try to use them.

· Seal the glass jar tightly and store in a dark cool place. The mixture should last for a few weeks.

Watch the following YouTube video to see me make this xx

Happy DIY'ing xx


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Hi, I'm Mandi. A former primary teacher, Lifestyle Medicine graduate and current Diploma in Natural Skincare student with a passion for natural living.

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