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April musings and choosing my hard

It really blows my mind that we are already near the end of April! I am however, enjoying that it is finally starting to feel like Autumn.


Photo by @labellavitaphotography

The leaves are starting to display their gorgeous autumn colours, the mornings have a freshness about them, there is dew on the ground and the sun’s lower position in the sky casts a softer glow.

My winter vegetables have been planted (VIDEO HERE), the summer succulent wreath on my front door has given way to the reds and oranges of the autumn wreath. The blankets have all been washed and ready for some cosy nights on the couch. I’ve also been doing extra “spring” cleaning jobs around the house. The fridge has been refreshed, cupboards cleaned out and reorganised, exhaust fans taken apart and cleaned, couches and beds vacuumed behind, and cushion covers washed.

Autumn wreath

There is something so refreshing about a change in season. A time for making some changes, even just simple ones, and a time to alter our perspective on what we want to make time for. We go from long days in the sun, spending time outdoors, at the beach, the park, certain sports, eating summer fruits and ice-creams to more time indoors, perhaps reading, watching movies, sipping on hot drinks and eating comforting soups and stews. Whatever this new season has been shaping up to be like for you, remember that it will soon make way for another season with other opportunities for change and growth of a different kind.

Hot drink

This year my “word of the year” has been “POSSIBILITY”. So far, I can’t say there has been much open up in this realm when it comes to my business. Partly because I have had lots of opportunity for relief teaching, which I have been loving. But the more teaching I do, the less time I have to invest in Mandi Makes. Oh, the conundrum!

As I mentioned above, there are different seasons, and lately I have been in the season of loving relief teaching and enjoying the income it is providing. I am noticing a shift in the season though, and am feeling myself drawn to follow a particular “POSSIBILITY” for my business.

It can be so hard to maintain the motivation when you are a 'solopreneur'. There is no one else around invested in the success of your business like you are to discuss ideas with, motivate each other, and help with some of the aspects of business that I just don’t like and am not great at! I’m it! Just me... the accountant, the strategist, the marketing manager, the social media manager, the product developer, the website developer, the market research anaylist, the copy writer, the photographer and the list goes on…

I have had a season lately of finding it challenging to wear all the hats and prioritise the right things at the right time. I naturally find myself just doing the aspects I enjoy, which is pretty much just product development if I’m honest, haha!

My current favourite product (click to shop)

I’ve recently been reminded (thanks to social media) about the idea of “CHOOSING YOUR HARD”. To a certain degree there are a number of things I find cringey and don’t agree with about this statement going around social media. However, I can also see its place. For me, there are many aspects about running my own business that are hard and I don’t enjoy, but then also not seeing my business be successful is disappointing. So, it’s up to me to figure out which one of those “hard” things I am willing to accept. Yes, life is going to have its direction and some things are going to work out and some things aren’t. But, there are things I can have some control or influence over to get where I want to go.

I guess at the end of the day, we all want to look back on the decisions we’ve made and feel like they were the right ones, or that we at least did our best during that season of life. So, here’s to doing our best with what we have during this current season of the year and life. And to whatever possibilities lie ahead.

Mandi x


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Hi, I'm Mandi. A former primary teacher, Lifestyle Medicine graduate and current Diploma in Natural Skincare student with a passion for natural living.

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