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Let me start by saying that we all experience moments of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and the feeling of having lost our purpose and mojo. The idea of self-care is a simple, regular practice that ensures we look after mental and physical wellbeing so we can be the best version of ourselves. IT IS NOT SELFISH, it is a vital component to help you manage everyday stresses.


Take your time in reading through this 'The Ultimate Self-Care Guide'. Print it out if you can so you can write notes, highlight, and circle as you go.


You will discover the research behind why self-care is so important, identify how you currently process stress, what your specific needs are, and gain a multitude of ideas to use for practicing self-care. This guide will also provide you with helpful templates for creating a self-care plan based on your personal needs.


The Ultimate Self-Care Guide ebook

  • This e-book is not be reproduced or shared without the author's permission. Please respect the author's dedication in producing this book to be of help to those who could benefit from it.

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